Ambulatory Anesthesiologists of Chicago

AAOC is a model for surgery center anesthesia: we provide not only the highest quality anesthesia services but also deliver the most efficient operation of the surgery unit. Our focus on maximizing quality and efficiency improves the bottom line of the center and lead to the success of both parties. From the clinical perspective, we know the the success of outpatient surgery depends on effective anesthesia during a procedure, coupled with quick, nausea-free recovery. We have, over years, through the development of outcomes-based protocols, optimized the anesthesia we provide to achieve these key goals. 

From a financial perspective, we understand that operational efficiency and keeping costs low are important goals of the center. To that end, as part of AAOC's goal to contain costs for the surgery center, we have streamlined our medication formulary, equipment, and supplies. In addition, our relationship with vendors allows us to negotiate more competitive rates for surgery center medical supplies and equipment pertaining to anesthesia. Aligning our goals with those of our client centers allows us to add value to the surgery center's financial and operational performance. 

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Experienced anesthesia group for your surgery center. 

We serve the full range of surgical specialties operating in the ASC environment. This broad experience puts AAOC in a strong position to meet all needs required by outpatient facilities.   


AAOC is dedicated to providing surgical centers and their patients with the highest quality of care and support.   

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