1. Certifications

Each of the physicians in AAOC is either board-certified or board-eligible and is well trained and experienced in the ASC setting. 

2. Quality Control 

Clinical proficiency is evaluated is evaluated on a quarterly basis. The President of the group will observe clinical skills and procedures of all providers routinely as well as on an as-needed basis. 

3. Communication

Optimizing clinical proficiency and quality improvement are on-going processes. The AAOC quarterly meetings are utilized for the distribution of information to its service providers and discussion of any quality performance issues.

4. Selection and Recruitment  

During the transition into new centers, AAOC has always sought the assistance of the surgeons and center's management team for the selection of anesthesia providers at that location. Recruitment will be on-going for additional providers and the center's management team is asked to participate in the process.  AAOC's goal is complete satisfaction for the center, its surgeons and their patients.  

5. Relationship Management

The relationship between the anesthesia group and the center will develop over time and we believe that carefully matching providers with the operating room team and administration is key to having a long term relationship.

Quality Measures and customer satisfaction

AAOC conducts quarterly group meetings in which quality improvement issues are analyzed. During these meetings a risk management specialist presents key points to provide education to the group members. Patient and physician satisfaction surveys, compiled and reviewed routinely to evaluate services, are shared with the providers. Areas in which we collect data and analyze outcomes include recovery times and incidents of post-op nausea and vomiting, for example.

The group routinely distributes surveys to patients, physicians, and surgery center administration to evaluate anesthesia staff. Feedback, whether positive or negative, is shared with the provider and action plans are immediately put in place to remediate any deficiencies. In the event that a complaint requires resolution, AAOC takes any complaint related to either clinical care or patient billing very seriously. AAOC administration evaluates the complaint from both sides of the issue. A period of fact gathering is conducted and followed by internal administrative meetings. A corrective action plan will be implemented, if necessary, that may consist of a variety of responses for a clinical care complaint. It has been AAOC's goal to resolve all complaints within thirty days of being notified of the issue. 

AAOC has a long history of providing high quality and compliant care to patients in the outpatient setting.  

Ambulatory Anesthesiologists of Chicago