AAOC has experience in, and currently provides anesthesia services, for all  surgical specialties found in the outpatient surgery setting. In addition, AAOC has been a leader to provide services in innovative surgical programs, such as bariatric surgery and total joint replacements.  All of our group members take a collaborative, multidisciplinary team approach with the nursing staff and administrators at the centers where we provide services.

In addition, in order to build teamwork and share our experience and knowledge, routine in-services are led by our anesthesia team on topics such as malignant hyperthermia, code blue drills, and care of obstructive sleep apnea patients as well as many additional topics that pertain to the care of the surgical patients.   

AAOC provides adequate staffing for all surgical procedures. If a physician has sufficient case volume on a given day, and if the surgery center can accommodate two operating rooms dedicated to the physician, two anesthesia providers will typically be allocated to the center on that day.

The selection of providers will be at the discretion of the President of AAOC, along with input from the administrator, the director of nursing and our surgical colleagues of the center. Bi-annual utilization reviews assist us in improving our effectiveness and efficiency in delivering services. In addition the group will provide coverage for weekends and off-hour operations with an assigned on-call anesthesiologist.

The philosophy of the group has always been to provide a core group of providers at each site to which we provide service. We understand that consistency at each site is critical to the comfort and efficiency of the surgeons and the rest of the surgical team. It is our intention to develop a cohesive operating room team that consists of nursing as well as anesthesia care givers to efficiently maintain the operating room at all times.          

Scope of Services

anesthesia services for all surgical specialties in the outpatient setting. 


Ambulatory Anesthesiologists of Chicago