For Centers:

What makes AAOC different from other anesthesia providers? 

AAOC specializes on outpatient anesthesia only.  Many other anesthesia groups provide anesthesia in many settings: hospitals, surgery centers and offices.  It is our belief that a specialization in surgery center anesthesia allows us to become experts in delivering the efficient care demanded in the outpatient setting as well as effective anesthesia with nausea-free recovery that makes surgery center anesthesia critical to the success of the center.  We also are committed to the satisfaction of surgery center surgeons and know that they are key constituents at surgery centers.  Surgery centers can't afford to operate like hospitals, so why use hospital-based anesthesia services?  

Who are you and what do you do?

AAOC is a physician-owned and operated anesthesia service provider focused on the provision of outstanding anesthesia care in the ambulatory surgery center setting.  We have 16 years of experience providing anesthesia care to multi-specialty freestanding surgery centers in the Chicagoland area. 

Anesthesia service providers do not offer a one-size-fits-all solution; nor should they. How can a facility begin the process of selecting the Anesthesia Service Provider that meets, and understands, its particular needs?

An organization must be sure that any anesthesia service provider they are considering has subject-matter expertise in a variety of areas, and brings with it the ability to identify and assess a variety of issues: operational, clinical and contractual. At the same time, the anesthesia service provider must also offer an appropriate set of solutions that positions a facility optimally for success. Understanding the importance of service to surgeons in an outpatient setting is a key skill that will determine the success of any anesthesia service provider in the long term. Change is difficult, but improved efficiency, clinical outcomes and patient/surgeon satisfaction are all reasons to evaluate whether your anesthesia team is the right one for your center.  

Why outsource anesthesia services in your facility?

The provision of anesthesia services is both an art and a science.  As an operator of an ambulatory surgery center, your ability to focus on your core business is one benefit of outsourcing anesthesia.  Choosing AAOC as an anesthesia services provider means having the comfort of knowing that an outpatient-focused, qualified team of anesthesiologists with experience across surgical specialties will be dedicated to the success of your center every day and will lead your staff on quality improvement initiatives and best practices.  Outsourcing anesthesia protects the center from fixed costs on anesthesia care, in an environment of fluctuating case volumes. 

For Patients:

Who do I contact with questions about my bill or a letter that I received?

Any AAOC patient may contact our billing company with questions about a bill or communication.  The billing company can be reached at (708) 930-1211. 


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